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Top 12 Leather Cowboy Hats For Men and Women

We look forward to guiding you on your journey to find your top 12 leather cowboy hats perfect fit. Nowadays, people are used to wearing fashionable western hats. The leather hats are expensive compared to other cowboy hats. The reason is that leather is attractive, cozy, soft, and highly durable.

Ultimate Collection of Top 10 Leather Cowboy Hats 2024

This genuine leather cowboy hat gives you a traditional look and makes a fashion statement. You can choose from a variety of hat styles in our Online Store. Choose the right leather cowboy hat for you from our collection.

Let’s return to our topic where we discuss the top 12 leather cowboy hats in detail.

Brown Leather Western Hat For Men Rustic Style

Brown Leather Western Hat For Men Rustic Style
Rustic Charm Genuine Leather Cowboy Hat

This western-style traditional leather hat is nicely designed with a double fancy strap braided hatband along with the rivets. The brass eyelets are present on both sides of the air vent and keep cooling your head in the summer season. Premium cow skipper leather in brown color is used to make this cowboy hat. This hat is water-repellant and safe for your face and neck in wetter weather. You can wear this traditional cowboy hat for horse riding, traveling, hunting, etc. The cowboy hat makes its recognition all over the world. In past, there are no ranges or designs of Australian hats available but with the passage of time, the fashion of these hats is in high demand. Even people love to wear western hats as a fashion statement as well as in their working routine.

Top Quality Leather Cowboy Western Hat With Conchos

Leather Cowboy Western Hat With Conchos Leather Band
Camel Brown Crazy Leather Hat Mod Luxurious Style

This leather cowboy western hat with Conchos leather band is very lightweight and easy to carry with a wide brim. Its dark chocolate brown color and distressed look are super appealing for both men and women. The is made of cowhide leather and brass Conchos on the hatband. This western leather hat is perfect to wear to survive on the adventure journey. Especially for photographers when you are going to experience the first time hunting, hiking, and camping. While exploring and capturing nature’s beauties you can wear this hat. This will provide all-time solid protection from UV rays and sunburn elements. You can also wear this style for also indoors and it gives you an authentic look. This is one of the most charming style in our top 12 leather cowboy hat collections.

Australian Leather Cowboy Hat Cow Crazy Leather

Australian Leather Cowboy Hat Cow Crazy Leather
Chocolate Brown Minimal Cowboy Leather Hat

The Australian leather cowboy hat features a western style with an awesome appearance. Classic western hat made from pull-up cow split leather and braided hat band with snaps. This cowboy hat also has a leather brim and a flexible spring wire along with a chin cord. This style of western cowboy is also water-resistant. According to legend, the Australian hat is a functional cowboy hat. This hat is extremely comfortable and lightweight. In order to have a complete wardrobe, you must own these styles of leather cowboy hats. To wear this while outdoors, open your wardrobe and take it with you. It is made of genuine leather and buying a new Australian hat to change your style or for other reasons is one of the most important decisions you can make.

A few things are on your mind regarding your new western hats, such as their material, style, and appearance. You make a great point that Equistl has different types of Australian hats. Our recognition comes from the quality of our products, which we cannot compromise. Each cowboy hat is handcrafted, depending on the customer’s specifications.

Genuine Cowhide Leather Hats Pakistan

Genuine Cowhide Leather Hats Pakistan
100% Premium Trendy Fashion Leather Hat

The equistl leather hats Pakistan in antique tan with round hatband is made of 100% crazy cowhide. This cowboy hat is astounding because of its features and the long-lasting material that is used to make the hat. The leather cord rounded hatband with loops and the flexible spring wire in the brim. You must wear a leather cowboy hat when you go hunting. A particularly attractive feature of this product is that it provides better UV protection, which is crucial when spending time outdoors. Whether you are strolling along the glistening stream or a stroll in the mountains, its wide brim provides you shade from UV rays and protects your face and eyes. It’s also suitable for both men and women no matter what season it is.

In addition to being water-resistant, this western cowboy hat also looks great. If you end up stuck in the rain, you won’t have to worry about the hat. It’s waterproof. By having a wide edge, you won’t have to suffer from running water around your neck. Furthermore, it gives you a western-style and traditional appearance.

Leather Western Hat Premium Crazy Cowhide

Leather Western Hat Premium Crazy Cowhide
Crazy Leather Embellishing Chic Western Hat

The American cowboy western hat is made from premium crazy cowhide leather. Wearing it on the head reveals a super classy look. With its unique design, its hatband has a plain leather strap on the front side and thin braids from side to back, while small studs on either the left or right side present a point of connection. You can wear this hat for outdoor and indoor activities.

The cowboy hat is water repellant and the brim of a western cowboy is wider and gives you extra shade in sunburn. 3 eyelets are there on both sides to keep your head cool. It is imperative that you carry this with you if you plan to go to the beach for the purpose of entertainment. The leather double cord gives you an attractive look when you wear this. Due to its beach-friendly size, this hat is also called a sun hat and a beach hat. It is one of the classy style in our top 12 leather cowboy hats.

Crushable Western Hat Antique Cowhide

Crushable Western Hat Antique Cowhide
Foldable Leather Two Tone Antique Hat

An antique cowhide two-tone leather cowboy hat is best for outdoor or indoor activities. This western cowboy hat is made of crushable antique cowhide leather along with a braided hatband. The flexible spring is available on the brim of this cowboy hat. Therefore this cowboy hat is crushable. This western cowboy hat is water-resistant and the chin chord is present to give you a comfortable fit.

Some people love to enjoy camping and others just want to stay home and relax. Whatever your preference, you’ll find this amazing western hat that suits you all day. Those who love adventure will want everything they need to survive the elements and be comfortable at the same time. Then you can wear this cowboy hat for any outdoor appearance, festival, and function with a matching dress. So whether you’re planning an outdoor trip or just enjoying a day at the beach, this Australian western hat will give you a gentleman’s look.

Leather Hats Shapeable Brown Western Cowboy Style

Leather Hats Shapeable Brown Western Cowboy Style
American Stylish Dressed Crazy Cowhide Hat

Our outfits and clothes make a big difference when we get dressed for going outside. Whether we plan to sit by the poolside or spent time exploring the world. The cowboy hat becomes a trend and almost every person likes to wear this. The men’s western hat is made of distressed crazy cowhide premium leather. The hatband of this hat is finished in a very stunning way with thin white thread, and genuine leather strips, and on the backside have antique concho. You can wear this hat for outdoor hunting and camping. The cowboy hat is best for hunters. This hat protects you from water in the rainy season when you go hunting.

Therefore cowboy hat is not only for those who like to wear them, nowadays the youth also loves when they travel to countryside areas. Cowboy hat lovers are always ready to buy a new or attractive design of cowboy hat. Most people have different styles or colors of cowboy hats in their wardrobes. When they go to any festivals they wear the same dress and the same color cowboy hat and look stunning. 

Leather Cowboy Hat Mesh Crown Camel Crazy

Leather Cowboy Hat Mesh Crown Camel Crazy
Fashion Forecast Leather Mesh Breezer Hat

This leather breeze hat has a great combination of camel crazy leather and mesh. The crown of this hat is made with mesh along with a braided hatband and backside Conchos. This is made of 100 % real camel leather and handcrafted. The mesh crown gives the great look and it can be worn especially in the summer season. The reason is that due to the mesh crown your head is always kept cool without a sweat. Its wider brim protects your neck, eyes, or face from harmful UV rays.

This classic western hat is everlasting gear that has different properties like breathability, water-repellant, and sun protection. This western breeze hat is durable, lightweight, and comfortable. If you go for any adventure, you can benefit from this mesh leather cowboy hat. You can wear this when hiking in the mountains, horseback riding, or gardening. You will never go wrong by choosing this style from our top 10 leather cowboy hats.

Australian Outdoor Leather Goodly Crushable Hat

Australian Outdoor Leather Goodly Crushable Hat
Packable Leather Craze Australian Hat

This is another style of cowboy hat in the equistl collection. The simplicity of this one makes it perfect for any occasion! Whether you’re heading out or staying at home, this crushable hat will keep you comfortable. The goodly cowboy hat is made of grain cowhide leather. Its hatband is designed with a crocodile print strap to give your hat a fabulous look. This hat is crushable, which is one of its best features. Therefore, you do not need enough space to place this hat because it is crushable, easy to fold, fits in your pocket easily, and again you can reshape it gently as well.

The western cowboy hat is water-resistant and has a chin cord attached to the hat’s structure. It is the most popular western design in top 10 leather cowboy hats that more closely matches our customers’ tastes.

You’ll get dust and sunburn if you go exploring dusty trails. This hat will help you prevent harsh sunburns and harmful sun rays. Its wide leather brim blocks the sun’s rays and provides shade for your face and eyes. Hats are printed with a custom logo on the inner side.  The cowboy hat is made of 100% genuine cowhide brown leather and along with the sweatband would definitely keep you cool and ensure a comfortable fit.

Custom Made Top 12 Leather Cowboy Hats in Pakistan

Men’s Western Hats With Buffalo Conchos and Bones

Men’s Western Hats With Buffalo Conchos and Bones
Sophisticated Antique Cow Split Western Hat

This men’s western hat is different from other styles due to its quality, material, and style. It is the most iconic western traditional cowboy-style hat in our store. This is purely made of cow pull-up leather and its hatband is designed with bones and buffalo Conchos. The two-tone color scheme is black and brown and the design pattern is fabulous which makes this unique. If you going to your birthday party then you can wear this with your dress, it can be a matching pair with any outfit. This hat would be enough to maintain a handsome look. You can gift this fantastic western cowboy hat to your, father, brother, sister, mother, or friends. It is water-resistant and protects you from the rain in the rainy season and its chin chord is provide you with a great fit.

Western Fashion Men’s Leather Cowboy Hat

Western Fashion Men’s Cowboy Hat
Cow Crazy Australian Look Men’s Hat

Men who love wearing leather hats will appreciate this hat. Our hard-working staff made this cowboy hat with a nice finish. This hat is best for men for outdoor activities and any function. Yes, you hear right you can wear this men’s leather cowboy hat during festivals and functions with your coat dress. This gives a handsome look to you as a gentleman. So, therefore, I recommend that you include this elegant style in your wardrobe.

The most attractive feature of this stylish hat is its water-resistant material, which is genuine crazy cow distressed leather. Therefore this leather cowboy hat not only protects you from sun rays but also protects to from rain. The hatband of this men’s leather cowboy hat is adorn with beautiful laces and brass Conchos. The color is light brown along with the chin cord. The logo is the embossed inner side of the hats. This style of western fashion men’s cowboy hat is available in different colors.

Western Hats Cowboy Style With Brass Conchos

Western Hats Cowboy Style With Brass Conchos
Brass Conchos Classic Western Hats

The elegant western women’s cowboy hat in five conchos reflects the modern western fashion trend. We all know that the fashion of cowboy hats will never go out of style. With the passage of time, new trends come into existence but cowboys and cowgirls love to maintain their vintage rustic look by wearing western hats. The equistl collection is one of the best collections of leather hats for men and women.

This style is one of our best sellers because of its unique color combinations and designs. The color combination and design on this western hat are best for women. The color of the hat is two-tone golden brown and it has a band with silver Conchos. This crazy cow distressed leather hat in vintage fashion style for women is water-resistant. Therefore it can be suitable for wet weather because it protects your head or face from rain, snow, and other environmental elements.

In Pakistan, we are western hat manufacturers and supply them all over the world. We are designing our hat with silver brass Conchos, bones, leather braided, etc. These are all things that add attraction to its beauty.

Throughout this article, we look at the top 12 leather cowboy hats that are unique from each other. I hope you have a better understanding of the features of all the western-style hats. The equistl leather hats are the best and all most popular picks for men, women, and kids.