Polo Wraps For Horses

Super cozy horse fleece bandages are best to protect the horse’s tendons and ligaments during high-performance exercise and barrel racing training. The standing wraps give a very elegant look to your horse. Nowadays horse riders prefer bandages in glitter material to give a stylish look to the horse.

Polo Bandages always come in abundant colors and materials to wear on a horse with a rider matching outfit for dressage riding. Stable wraps protect the horse, reduce swollen legs and provide maximum movement and support. Standing wraps are the defensive gear that is necessary for the tendon’s protection; it works like a cover that provides maintenance when horses go for outdoor equestrian training. This equestrian riding accessory polar fleece polo wrap for horses is best to prevent the horse from serious injuries that can occur while walking and show jumping.

If there are small wounds on the horse’s legs, bandages help to cover them and protect the wound from swelling. Stripes on it to add some extra style to your look. These horse fleece bandages are quite simple to wrap around horse legs in the stable yard or during pony riding, schooling, and competition. Stable wrap bandages also help with blood flow and prevent fluid buildup in the legs.

We have custom polo wraps in a variety of colors made from the best quality fleece material. You can send us your required artwork logo for printing or embroidery on it. Buying them in matching sets makes them look complete.