Horse Snaffle Bits

Equistl offers many styles of horse bits made from the highest quality material at Equi Style. All these mouthpieces are comfortable to wear for horses of all ages. Each horse mouthpiece in our collection is different from one another due to its design.

The selection of English bits we carry include ring, o ring, curb, gag, Pelham, and more. These Stainless Steel mouth mouthpiece snaffles are solid and made from one two or three pieces.

The size of horse bits is different for all horses because of their mouth, teeth, and large tongue. So before pushing the horse snaffle you must knowledge about the size of your horse snaffle. We will customize the western bits in any size, color, and design for you. It can be washable with clean water to remove dust. The care of the horse bit is very important for using this for a long time.