Explore Illuminating Beauty of Himalayan Salt Candle Holders from Pakistan

Natural glowing Himalayan salt candle holders are crafted in Pakistan, where ancient mountains whisper secrets of time. At Equistl Salt, we are not just a Himalayan salt manufacturer in Pakistan; we are artisans of fulfillment, particularly transforming raw Himalayan rock salt into art forms that illuminate both your space and your spirit.

Pink Rock Salt Nature’s Canvas Handcrafted
Every pink salt candle holders we create is a unique masterpiece of art and nature. Crafted from hand-selected salt rock crystals, it has its own unique blend of pinks, oranges, and whites, from which it originated. We craft these natural wonders into a bunch of well-crafted designs, from classic tea light candle holders to table centerpieces, to fit any aesthetic.

Bulk Rock Salt Candle Holders Wholesale

Bringing the magic of Himalayan salt to your business is what we do. Our wholesale bulk order options are perfect for retailers, spas, and wellness centers. Your business will shine as brightly as our candle holders with our flexible prices and reliable shipping.

Why Choose Us?
Unbeatable quality: Every piece is crafted from the finest Himalayan salt crystals and crafted with excellence in craftsmanship.

Variety of shapes: From natural to geometric, our collection caters to every taste and décor.

Accept Bulk Orders: Enjoy competitive pricing, wholehearted support, strong commitment, and reliable delivery for your needs.

The natural beauty and wellness-enhancing properties of pink salt will lighten your life. Equistl Salt has a lot to offer, so check it out today.

    • Salt Rock Candle Holder Natural Carved
      • Salt Rock Candle Holder Natural Carved

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      • Illuminate Your Space with Natural Pink Carved Salt Rock Candle Holder A pink rock natural carved Himalayan salt candle holder lets you bring an aura of peace and beauty from their origin to the place where you live. This fascinating thing is an element of nature and an interesting debate beginnings as well as a candle holder. Crafted from authentic…