Horse Stirrups Manufacturer in Pakistan

We have covered different varieties and styles of horse stirrups at Equi Style. We design our stirrup with a traditional and modern touch to make it easier for riders to choose it according to their need. All those stirrups you need for your equestrian riding are fillis, English, jointed, and peacock safety. Stirrups iron is the utmost essential riding accessory to expand safety and comfortability for horse riders.

The main purpose of the iron stirrup is to provide a plain area where the rider placed their foot. This provides better space to place the foot and to have better communication between the rider and horse. Without a stirrup, the rider may suffer from joint pain and foot pain while competing.

The English stirrup is one of the horse riding tack and gear that has been taking attention for decades. Its pure stainless steel along with rubber padding provides a comfortable surface. This equestrian item remains fixed with a tied strap along with the horse saddle.

This horse riding gear produces from high-quality material at reasonable and competitive prices.