English Riding chaps

We are a maker and supplier of all types of horse riding chaps, half chaps, and English chaps for men and women. Our chaps of cow split suede, Amara suede, and cowhide leather make these equestrian gear.

Men’s Half Chaps and Gaiters
The horse riders always remain very conscious about their horse racing essential needs. The riding chaps are a necessary item to carry for the equestrian riders to protect their legs. All the male and female horse riders wear these English chaps for schooling, show jumping, training, and competition. Our Men’s Leather Horse riding chaps are handcrafted from pure and high-quality material. The leather gaiter is washable, you can wash it whenever you need it and wear them when you go for training.

The equestrian chaps are soft, and lightweight with modern fashion looks. Our super quality straight zipper closure on these gaiters makes it easy as pie for you to wear or remove. When you wear our equestrian gaiters you will feel enough flexibility and comfort while walking or riding on horseback.

We can custom logo, size, design, color, and material of the customer demand. Thus you can custom design and ride by wearing these equestrian chaps. We have available different types, designs, and styles of leather gaiters.