Western Women Purses & Handbags

Our women purses and handbags collection is truly full up with new exciting leather western purses, leather tote bags, leather fringe purses, small leather crossbody, small shoulder bags, and cowhide purses. All these women’s bags are made from high-quality genuine cowhide leather material in stylish unique to their style and look.

We have been manufacturing leather handbags for women for the past 13 years. While there are many types of bags available in the market and online stores, we are here to offer you a selection of new and exciting western women’s handbags and purses.

As a girl, you know that the girls are very conscious about their fashion accessories. Therefore For a modern lady, the women’s bags played an important role in their daily fashion carry accessories.

You can choose from a wide range of western leather purses in different colors, styles, and designs. We also offer our customers customization options. In the Equistl collection, the women’s bags are mostly made of leather and cowhide hair hiding. All leather women’s bags are handcrafted from genuine leather that is not harmful to your skin. Featuring 100% real leather, the leather is soft, cozy, lightweight, and has a soft feel.

As a leather goods manufacturer and supplier, we export all over the world. Our customers from Europe are very satisfied with our products. It is certainly possible to customize the handbag with the logo and design of the customer. The Equistl women’s leather bag is 100% long-lasting because it is durable, comfortable, and made of authentic leather.

However, we provide multiple ranges of bags, including crossbody purses, leather fringe bags, ladies’ tote bags, messenger bags, leather backpacks, and real laptop bags.