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Different Types Of Leather and Their Uses

Different types of leather have been used in the production of Equistl leather products. This section describes types of leather.

Discover Different Types Of Leather Animal Hide

  • Cowhide
  • Buffalo leather
  • Sheepskin leather
  • Goat leather
  • Amara leather

What is cowhide leather?

The unbleached natural hair on the hide of animal skins is called cowhide. It has the same natural resemblance as the animal. A complete process for cleaning leather and using it to make bags, western purses, jackets, and other leather goods.

Is buffalo leather better than cow leather?

Buffalo skin is one of the types that is used to make some leather essentials. Buffalo leather is resilient and more substantial than cowhide. The reason is that buffalo leather has 2-3 layers of the epidermis and is thicker than cowhide. A significant advantage of this leather is that it is stronger than cowhide and it does not stretch when it is tanned. Our leather hats and tactical winter gloves are all made from buffalo leather.

Is sheep leather good?

Sheep leather is made from sheepskin. Sheepskin is light and comfortable. It has excellent durability, so it can be used for a wide range of purposes such as wallets, travel bags, leather jackets, and winter gloves. Sheepskin is relatively thin compared to cowhide. One of the properties of this leather is that have the capability to bear the natural temperature and control moisture.

Is goatskin leather durable?

It is made from goat skin, which is a natural material. Goatskin is stronger than sheepskin. However, goatskin lacks flexibility. Goatskin is stronger and heavier than sheepskin. There are a variety of leather accessories made from goat skin, such as gloves, bags, hats, boots, and cowboy hats. The goat leather horse riding gloves we offer are suitable for equestrian sports.

Amara synthetic leather

An Amara leather product consists of nylon and PU materials. Its structure resembles natural leather. There are a number of uses for it, including sports equipment, mechanic gloves, cycling gloves, biker gloves, safety gloves, etc. High strength and excellent abrasion resistance make it a popular choice for palms and patches of sports gloves. The glove industry uses it extensively because of its better performance.