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Guide To Cleaning Your Leather Bag

How To Clean a Leather Bag?

Step By Step Clean Cowhide Leather bag: Clean, Condition, and Cherish

Here is guide of cleaning a cowhide leather bag step by step process, for all those people who love to carry leather accessories in their daily life. Cowhide leather is one of those types of leather that cleans easily from stains or spills on its surface.

It is obtained from the natural hides of the animals and contains the least amount of oils, which helps prevent them from spoiling. Let’s move on to our topic.

Here are some steps that are taken during the cleaning process: Cleaning cowhide bags is not a big deal, some simple steps are included in this.

How to Clean Cowhide Leather bag in 5 Steps:

Step 1: Get rid of stains

First of all, you should clean the stain spot with the help of a towel if your stain is in liquid form. You can use an unsharpened tool, such as a butter knife, to rub the stain spot if it remains solid and cannot be removed with a towel.

Step 2: Dust removal

In the next step, remove dust from the lower layer of the cowhide. Take the soft brush and move it in a circular direction, rubbing softly. Make sure your brush is new; do not use the old brush, and clean the surface with the help of it. Revolve the brush in all directions on the cowhide leather until all the dust is removed from the lower layers of the cowhide.

Step 3: Use of cleaner

The most important step is the use of cleaner products for cowhide cleaning. You can purchase the cleaner, and before using it, you should go for a test. Some cleaners can damage the whole surface. You should put on a small patch of your cowhide and check it.

Step 4: Using a dry, soft sponge for cleaning

Taking a dry sponge, rub the leather’s outer layer in this step. Move this sponge in the opposite direction of the hair that is present on the cowhide. After this step, there is no possibility of a stain. Your cowhide would definitely be neat and clean.

Step 5: Drying in fresh air

After the cleaning process, hang your cowhide bag in the place where the fresh air comes out. Cowhide bags takes a lot of time to dry. Avoid the use the dryer or blow dryer. It takes plenty of time to dry. Keep it dry in the sunshine.

What To Avoid When Cleaning Your Cowhide Bag?

Don’t use excessive water

Water causes the skin of cowhide to stick together or contract, and it can leave the skin dry and tight.

Don’t use low-quality cleaners

It is important to use good cleaners that can never damage the hide. Low-quality cleaners contain substances such as petroleum or mineral oil, as they will damage the cowhide over time.

Never use harsh chemicals

The appearance of your cowhide will only be damaged if you use anything other than a fabric-specific cleaner.

Avoid machine washing

You will ruin the texture of your cowhide as well as the colors if you go through the washing machine.

Sunshine in moderation

Never keep your cowhide directly exposed to sunburn. Its color or shade can be damaged or changed.

Hope this article will be helpful for you.