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Cleaning Your Salt Block

How To Clean Himalayan Salt Block?

In this article, we explain in detail how to clean a Himalayan salt block. We give you some tips and tricks for cleaning the salt block that will prove helpful for you.

We know that Himalayan salt blocks are carved for food and cooking purposes. You can cook meat, vegetable, fish and other things. The foods that cook on the pink salt block have a different and yummy taste. It provides a richer and super taste to food with high nutrition. If you cook the vegetable on the salt cooking block, then you feel that it has extra flavor and taste of your vegetables. An incredible nature-gifted product is not only used for cooking foods but also amazing for presenting salads, desserts, dry fruits, grilling, and serving.

Is It Possible To Clean The Salt Block?

There are a lot of people who mostly ask if is it possible to clean a salt block when it comes to cleaning salt rock blocks. The short answer is yes. It is possible and the best thing you can do is by yourself at home.

There are many concerns about the longevity of salt plates. Depending on how you store it, you can expect your salt block to last for months to years. Hematite salt slabs tend to catch food particles and stick to them. It can be a difficult task to remove it is possible to do it. When we cook different things on a pink salt block, then the juices are present on the surface of the salt plate after cooking. It is important to clean the Himalayan salt slab properly, otherwise, it will become dirty, and nobody likes that.

Clean a Salt Block After Cooking?

There are many options, but we recommend using a regular clean cloth for this process.

  • After cooking, should leave the salt block for 3-4 hours to keep it cool.
  • First, you take a clean cloth and dip it into the clean water.
  • Clean your salt plate gently with this cloth.
  • You must try to take the smooth fabric cloth to clean the Himalayan salt rock plate.
  • You cannot put your salt block directly into the water. Because we know that salt is dissolved in water. That is why we suggest you clean your salt slab block with a smooth cloth.
  • After that, you will see salt block is clean and look like a new one.
How to Clean a Himalayan Salt Block
Best Way To Clean a Salt Block

Store Rock Salt Block in a Dry Place

Keeping it clean requires some attention after cleaning. It can be stored in a cool place to prevent moisture. Salt slab blocks must be allowed to dry for at least 24 hours. You should not use this salt rock for grilling or cooking before 24 hours. As soon as it is completely dry, you can put it on for your next cooking adventure. Using this salt slab within 24 hours of cleaning will cause it to crack.

One more thing is more keep your mind you grab this salt block very carefully because it has heavy. Otherwise, it can be dropped from your hand. That thing you should keep in your mind before clean to your pink rock salt slab block.

Here are some helpful tips that you should or should not do during the cleaning process.

During The Process: Dos and Don’ts

Avoid Water for Its Maintenance
Himalayan rock salt is just salt. Soaking in water will dissolve these blocks. If you are going to wash under the tap, you may never see the salt serving block again.

Keep It Dry
After washing the salt serving blocks, you should always make sure they are completely dry. The moisture of any kind is destructive for blocks.

No Use of Dishwashing Soap or any Liquid
The pink Himalayan salt cooking plate is naturally antibacterial. No chemicals such as soaps or detergents are required for cleaning. If you use any liquid and it might taste soapy the next time you cook.

Extremely Careful With the Temperature
Pink Himalayan salt rock blocks are heat-resistant. Wait until its temperature has cooled to room temperature before cleaning. Because it may also damage the block.

Final Words

I hope you clearly understood the above article on how to clean a Himalayan salt block. Always try your best to use it with proper care and attention to use it for a long time.