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Polo Wraps For Horses

What are Polo Wraps For? – Polo Wraps Purpose

What is the purpose of polo wraps for horses?

Polo wraps are an essential piece of equipment to protect horses’ lower legs during exercise and competition. It is a long rectangle shape piece of cloth that may be fleece or wool. Polo fleece bandages not only protect the legs of horses from scratches and wounds but also serve to support the tendons and ligaments of the legs. In this blog post, we will look at what are polo bandages for horses and how they can help keep your horse safe and comfortable.

Horse legs are primarily sensitive organs of the horse body. Because the horse does all their work performance or competes because of their legs. So the horse’s leg protection comes first and foremost. Horse leg protection is essential during strenuous exercise and training.

Horse fleece bandages are an essential piece of safety equipment for a new horse as there is a risk of buckling and injury during training. Before starting horse training or work, the horse must wear fleece bandages.

Do polo wraps provide support?

Horse Fleece Bandages are best to provide enough support while equestrian riding and sports competition. The Polo Wrap is the simplest protector gear for full tendon protection. This is especially appropriate for young horses who do not have full control over their bodies. Polo bandages must be correctly fitted to the horse to reduce the chance of developing a bowed tendon during activity.

Similar to horse boots, horse bandages protect the horse’s legs when used in unusual conditions. Boots usually cost more than bandages, so the financial aspect is just as important to many horse owners.

Applications of fleece bandages

Fleece bandages are also called exercise bandages. The reason is that these are used during tough exercises as a horse leg protector. It provides complete support to the horse’s tendons during small injuries.

Stable wraps are also used during fast riding. During fast riding, the horse may be turnout and to other leg injuries. If you wear the medical wraps on your horse legs. Then these horse fleece wraps to protect the horse fetlock and tendon during such types of situations.

How long can you leave fleece bandages on horses?

Always keep in mind that do not leave horse fleece bandages on your horse’s legs for more than 24 hours. These bandages surely protect your horse’s legs but wearing them for a whole day or bight can cause serious damage. You should be aware that it is wrapped properly if you have a plan to leave it for a long time.

Can you wash and reuse polo wraps?

You can wash your polo fleece bandages easily. When you take part in any horse riding competition or any type of riding activity. The horse wraps become dirty due to dust and other environmental factors. You can remove the fleece wraps on your horse legs and wash them by yourself. After a simple method of cleaning it becomes new and can reuse quickly. In the winter season, it keeps warm and provides tendons protection.