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Discovery of the khewra salt mine by alexander the great

Where does Himalayan salt come from?

The Himalayan salt comes originally from the Punjab province of Pakistan. It the exactly located in the khewra of the district of Jhelum. The khewra salt mine is located in the Jhelum tehsil of Pind Dadan khan. The khewra salt mine is free from chemicals that why the Himalayan salt is in its purest form. This salt’s range extends throughout Punjab. The state has a land area of about 300 kilometers. There are several salt mines in this area, but kewra is the only one that produces pure organic pink salt.

Himalayas largest salt mine in the world
The truth about Himalayan pink salt

Himalayas Largest Salt Mine In The World

They are also considered the world’s second-largest. It is regarded as one of Pakistan’s most popular tourist destinations. Every year, a large number of people visit the salt mines. Despite this, salt mines produce a substantial amount of Himalayan pink salt each year. Today, the khewra site is fully modern mining workmanship.

Discovery Of The Khewra Salt Mine By Alexander The Great

According to some researchers, alexander the great died in 326 bc. The man who discovered the khewra pink salt mine. But in fact, the true founder of the khewra salt mine is alexander’s horse. Because when the army was stopped to rest at khewra. Alexander’s horse begins to lick the ground. One of his tall and brave soldiers tried it for himself and he found a delicious taste. The khewra salt mine has 19 floors. 11 of these are underground. The mine entrance extends into the mountains for 730 meters. The length of the tunnel is 40km. interestingly, huge tons of salt are produced here annually.

How is Himalayan salt mined?

There are skillful workers who use traditional methods to perform the task. Salt is made by hand without generating much pollution or waste. Pink organic salt is made up of minerals that have accumulated over millions of years. While salt is extracted from six mines, each of these mines has impressive reserves of salt to offer.

Khewra salt Pakistan is one of the world’s most productive mining countries. It produces about 400,000 tons of Himalayan rock salt a year. This accounts for nearly half of Pakistan’s total annual salt production. It could already be massive, but not enough to break the deposit potential. This mine has been estimated to be able to maintain huge levels of production for a period of 350 years at least.

What are the 84 minerals in Himalayan pink salt?

Our bodies need minerals to function properly, and rock pink salt is popular for having a high concentration of 84 different minerals. But what exactly are these minerals, and what role do they play in our nutritional needs?

Pink salt contains 84 minerals that are essential to human health. Minerals are vital for cell structure, function, and energy production.

The 84 minerals present in pink rock salt can help you feel better overall by supplementing your diet. These minerals in supplement form help to restore balance and optimize body function.

100% natural rock salt also contains traces of aluminum, sulfur, chromium, nitrogen, fluoride, cadmium, hydrogen, boron, manganese, cobalt, nickel, selenium, molybdenum, bromine, and other elements.